Small business feature: Ostrichpillow
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Small business feature: Ostrichpillow

Learn about Ostrichpillow and our partnership, which showcases our commitment to gifting that gives back.
Loop and Tie

Loop and Tie,

Ostrichpillow was founded by a group of engineers who want to improve the micro-moments of self-care through their innovative products. Whether at home or at your desk, this team is committed to creating high quality, refined products that enable people to experience the restfulness that allows them to be the best versions of themselves.

Innovation with purpose

Our friends at Ostrichpillow are committed to their mission with a sense of imagination that pushes them to dive into the unknown. By keeping things simple and effective, these innovators utilize deep research into human behavior, insightful feedback from customers, and rigorous product testing to find new ways to help people find true wellbeing.

Gifts to soothe and relax

Each of their products in our marketplace are designed to soothe and relax. Learn more about each offering:

  • Bamboo Compression Socks: No more swelling or fatigue thanks to their super-soft feeling composition and perfect fit. Their breathable textures keep your legs fresh whether you work long hours sitting or standing, travel long distances, or are lounging at home.
  • Eye Mask: Eye Mask is the first truly 3D ergonomic eye mask. Its design adapts to the three-dimensional features of the face. It fits perfectly on all head sizes and face types, providing a 100% blackout experience in total comfort.
  • Heated Neck Wrap: Heated Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. All-natural clay beads gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation. It’s your go-to neck and shoulder heat wrap for calming comfort you can use again and again.
  • Light Versatile Pillow: A pillow for any occasion, whether for the home office or traveling. It can be worn around your neck or as an eye cover, making it easy to rest your head.
  • Heatbag: Heatbag is much more than a heating bag. Warm it up and it will become the perfect warm companion while lounging on the couch. Freeze it and it will offer safe pain relief. 
  • Original Napping Pillow: You'll find your very own snuggly space. An immersive environment for your power naps; anywhere, anytime. Snooze at ease anywhere thanks to its comfortable texture and quality finish. Slip it on, unwind, and keep working!

Loop & Tie and Ostrichpillow: Common purpose

At Loop & Tie, we select partners for our gifting platform with more than just great products – we look for partners who share our commitment to gifts that give back. From the materials, packaging, manufacturing, and shipping, Ostrichpillow products are developed with environmental consciousness at the forefront. They also partner with Pachama as a way to support their efforts to maintain a carbon neutral footprint.

Ready to show appreciation with the gifts that give back? Send our $50, $75 or $100 collections now, which include these Ostrichpillow products.

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