Send the perfect

gift, every time.

The Loop & Tie customer gifting platform builds long-lasting relationships – at scale. Engage your customers with the gift of CHOICE.

loop and tie corporate gifting ROI

Everything you need, in one platform.

It’s simple: send a curated selection of gifts and

let your recipient “shop” for their own gift or reward.

Send a curated collection, or customize your own

Choose from expertly selected artisan gifts that fit your budget. Want to send custom product? We’ll power it.

All you need is an email

Whether it’s one recipient or 10,000, we’ll help you deliver a unique branded gift every time.

End-to-End Data & ROI

With end-to-end data & fulfillment tracking you can demonstrate ROI for acquisition, retention, and more.

Trusted by brands like:


Engage at Scale 


the percentage of customers who re-engage with a brand after receiving a gift through Loop & Tie’s gift choice platform.

800,000 +

gifts sent through Loop & Tie’s gifting engagement platform.


the reduction in time and logistics related to customer and client gifting at scale by using Loop & Tie.

Increasing customer loyalty, every day.


We don’t just send gifts—we

send happiness.

Our engagement platform powers gifting, customer communications, data

management, and full scale logistics.

Gifting is about Gratitude.

At Loop & Tie, we see every chance to engage with the customers as a moment to

engage in a cycle of gratitude through the art of gift giving.