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Giving is easy

All you need is an email address and the amount you want to spend. Give to one or many by uploading a list of giftees.

Track your gift

Track the life of a gift in your dashboard. Know when your giftee opens, selects and receives their gift.

Saving you time

Our experts do all the work curating collections with gifts that are special to receive so you can focus on gifting.

Gifting made interactive

Feel good knowing you delighted your giftee. Receive thank you notes and weekly digests on all gift activities.

Give the gift that's all about them.

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"It's hard to do something unique, fair and fun that each person can enjoy, and gift cards are just too boring! This was perfect. Seeing what each person selected as a gift helped me get to know them a little better too!"
- Zack, NextGen
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Make gifting seamless. Integrate Loop & Tie into your application through our REST API. See how easy it is in our Developer Documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping charges?

The cost of shipping is included in the gift price, currently we ship to the continental U.S. Gift delivery times vary by product and average 3-5 days.

What happens if my gift isn't redeemed?

Unlike some gift card that gets lost in a drawer somewhere, senders can make sure their Loop & Tie gift is used! Senders can check the gift status on the dashboard and may choose to cancel unredeemed gifts starting 30 days after the send date. The gift value will be credited to the sender's account and can be reused to give another gift. To cancel a gift, email

Are there refunds or exchanges?

If a gift needs to be cancelled after it is sent, we offer the sender gift credit. While we don't offer refunds or exchanges on redeemed gifts, if the product arrives damaged we will make things right.

Can you customize your collections?

Yes! If you want to add your own branded products as gift choices, or make changes to an existing collection, let's talk about how we can help.

Do you market to the person I gift?

Nope. Giving a gift is just about you and them, we don't get in the way. We're just here to make everything easier.

Additional Questions

Contact us at or call us at 1-844-394-9600.