36 gorgeous gifts from women-owned small businesses
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37 gorgeous gifts from women-owned small businesses

This list features a selection of gifts from our favorite women-owned businesses, like home goods, lots of sweet treats, and self care wellness products.
Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker, Director of Growth

Finding the perfect gift doesn't have to be a challenge! With these gift options from women-owned small businesses, there's something for every occasion.

From trending items to luxury items, all of the gifts on the Loop & Tie Marketplace are hand-selected to make sure there are plenty of options for everyone to pick from.

[fs-toc-omit]$50 Women-Owned Gift Collection

Here's how it works: you pick which gift collection to send and your recipient gets to pick their own gift. That means when you send the Women-Owned Gift Collection, your recipient will get to shop and pick from over 80 items all sourced from women-owned small businesses.

Our buying and merchandising team works closely with our marketplace vendors to curate the best gift options. We are constantly updating and adding new products and vendors to all of our Loop & Tie Gift Collections.

*Tie Tip: Check out our other gift lists for holiday gifts, unique gifts, trendy gifts, thank you gifts, and corporate gift ideas!

Home gifts

The home gift category features everything from stylish decor to practical items like candles. We have curated a selection of gifts that would be a great addition to any home with any style.

Uni Speckled Candlestick Holder from SIN

SIN's coil built Uni candlestick helps you light up your life with something other than your dance partner. Named for its single leg design, the uni is one of the newest ways that we’ve redefined the coiling technique. Pairs effortlessly with mantles, holiday tables, and everyday tables. Candle not included. Handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

spoken flames candle gift

Fall Candle from Spoken Flames

Each candle has a message. Unlock an audible affirmation or poem via augmented reality (AR) for a uniquely hybrid physical & digital candle experience. All natural coconut wax blend. Generously scented. 55+ hour burn.

Autumn Ease: Brisk notes of bergamot, cedar embers, and fresh hay blend effortlessly—like a leaf drifting through a crisp autumn breeze.

Thankful: Heighten your attitude of gratitude with distinct notes of fresh ginger, star anise, and sweet butternut squash.

modern plant stand gift

Modern Wood Plant Stand from Hold Onto Your Plants

Handcrafted with birch and maple wood and modern pops of color, this stand fits a pot up to 7" in diameter and is 10" tall. Each stand is painted with an oil base enamel and has an exterior protective coating. A covered porch or balcony is a perfect outdoor spot! Each piece is unique and wood colors may vary. Comes apart in two pieces. Try flipping the stand to play with height and color! *Includes one wooden plant stand. Pot and plant are NOT included.

pearled candle gift

Pearled Candle from Foton

Foton pearls are natural and burn cleanly with minimal smoke. Use Foton pearls to turn any container into a unique candle - just pour the pearls into a container, insert one of the included wicks, and light it! Refresh, refill, and reuse the pearls with a new wick to make a brand new candle each time you light it.

One Foton box contains 18 oz of scented candle pearls, which is enough to fill 3x12oz containers, and 30 wicks, each of which burn up to 12 hours. It's like 30 brand new candles in one! Vase not included.

Festive Fir: A woodsy & fresh scent with notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, pine, eucalyptus and fir.

Yummy Yule: Festive warmth with orange, cardamom and cinnamon.

succulent gift

Succulent Duo in Ceramic from Surfside Succulents

A cute duo of succulents in stylish mini ceramic pots. Featured in an earthy sage tone, with live rosette succulents. This pair of plants livens up any space, and their compact size ensures they'll fit into any decor. Measuring 2.25" tall each, they pack a lot of style into a tiny form. Simply place in a sunny area of the home or office, and water every 10-14 days.

Beauty & wellness gifts

The beauty & wellness category is a selection of amazing self-care items from indulgent skincare to exercise bands and more! Whether you're looking for something to pamper yourself or something to show your appreciation, these gifts are sure to bring joy and relaxation.

detox drops gift

Detox Drops from HigherDose

A nutritionally dense elixir designed to amplify the detox of any sweat session. They've packed in magnesium, marine algae minerals, and chlorophyllin to bind and draw out toxins in the body as you sweat. Their Detox Drops boast a dose of milk thistle to support liver cleanse through the removal of free radicals and toxic substances. They know a glow begins from within, so they've added biotin to boost your skin's natural radiance and keep your nails strong and your hair healthy. They recommend using Detox Drops daily as a part of your health and wellness routine. Detox, Sweat, Glow, Repeat. 30 servings.

travel perfume gift

Travel Perfume from Botanica

Spritz on wet skin for the strongest, longest lasting fragrance.

East Coast: our love letter to the Atlantic Coast, and our love of fragrance in general. We added truly fresh, green florals, sea salt & sea kelp, and a whiff of light musk to lend a creamy finish. East Coast rings like a classic beauty–wind whipped, effervescent, and mellow-edged.

West Coast: the cool, older brother to East Coast, our flagship scent. We added deep woodsy greens like red cedar and juniper, with notes of sea salt, musk & peppercorn. West Coast is dramatic, luminous, and rugged– like the sweeping Pacific coast we know and adore.

build bands gift

Build Bands from B Yoga

The Build Bands will tone, strengthen and build. The two intensity options allow you to top up the reps on light or feel the deep burn on medium. These resistance bands will be your new gym go-to whether at home or in the studio.

dry brush gift

Travel Dry Brush Bundle

Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps to renew the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, while encouraging the body to rid of toxins. The combination of exfoliating, massaging, and rejuvenating the top layer of your skin with a dry brush will help increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, all while sloughing dead skin cells and helping to make your skin look more radiant.

This is one heck of a dynamic duo - dry brushing & coconut oil - in addition to creating beautiful and educational dry brushing instructions to guide you through this practice of self love.

lotion pack gift

Lemongrass & Grapefruit Body Wash + Lotion from JanaeJavan

This Grapefruit + Lemongrass Body Wash and is luxurious in texture. It is a unisex scent with a bit of citrus, earthy and woody smells. It will produce a rich cover while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Includes one 8 oz body wash & one 8 oz lotion.

nail polish gift

Nail Polish Set from Liberation Nails

Long-wearing, vegan, and 21-free—no parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, or 16 other potentially toxic ingredients. Their 21-free metallic polishes are formulated without oils to ensure the highest level of shine.

chiki buttah gift

Chiki Buttah

This velvety smooth, whipped body butter uses only the purest organic virgin oils. Shea butter paired with coconut, almond and avocado oil comprise this super moisturizing and deeply nourishing product. It is loaded with essential fatty acids such as Vitamin A and E, the nutrients necessary for collagen production and restoring moisture to the skin. Made with the purest ingredients from natures bounty, formulated without fillers and preservatives. It's not just all natural, it's supernatural! Includes 8oz. jar.

indulgence relief gift

Indulgence Relief

Undo when you overdo. Metabolize indulgence and support liver detox with Indulgence Relief tablets. A time-tested blend of Chinese herbs known as Curing Pill includes Organic Fenugreek, Milk Thistle + Ginseng. Because living a balanced life comes with big nights out too. Includes 40 tablets.

Key Ingredients:

- Organic Fenugreek to boost alcohol metabolism

- Organic Milk Thistle to help the body detox

- Organic Ginseng to support digestion

lipstick gift

Matte Lipstick Duo from FemPower Beauty

Each of the Genesis lipsticks are vegan, clean, & cruelty-free. Whether you express yourself as feminine, neutral, masculine, none of the above or somewhere in between, you belong in the Fempower community. At Fempower they are committed to replacing beauty standards and practices that harm with ones that heal, uplift, and affirm. Made with moisturizing coconut oil, sunflower wax, and beaker-brewed beeswax (synthetic beeswax).


Eve: A self-asserting, vivid fuchsia with blue undertones.

Adam: A shameless warm brown, balanced with mauve pink.

Lilith: Defiant, fiery, blue-toned red.

Serpent: Dignified, earthy brown.

bath soak gift

Herbal Bath Soak from Forget Not The Earth

Forget Not The Earth soaks are made with a blend of herbs, essential oils, essences and a variety of salts. Soaking the feet or the whole body, is an easy way to infuse the body with gentle support for whole body wellness or to address specific imbalances within the body. Includes two 16 oz bath soaks of your choice with a wooden spoon. Detox: A blend of herbs and essential oils to support lymphatic movement and the release of environmental toxins from the body.

Joyful Peace: A supportive blend of herbs, salts, essential oils and flower essences to reduce stress, feelings of fear and loneliness. This blend is intended to be an overall emotional soother and a return to joyfulness.

Snuggle: A calming, soothing blend of chamomile, lemon balm, lavender and ground oats. With no added essential oils, this is a great blend for pregnant and nursing mothers, infants and children and the elderly.

Lifestyle gifts

The lifestyle category features gifts like fashionable accessories and practical gadgets. Whether it’s a hiking backpack or a wireless transmitter, we have carefully selected only high-quality products that are still affordable.

puzzle gift

Puzzles from Apostrophe

Apostrophe's puzzles aim to bridge the gap of accessibility to fine art, and were created with the knowledge that the work of artists of color is valuable, desirable, and profitable. They believe that art appreciation is not only for the wealthy, and that the future of art consumerism is one in which everyone can participate.

In punctuation and grammar, the apostrophe symbol is used to illustrate where there has been an omission (o'er), and to indicate possession or ownership (Bearden's legacy). Their name draws its inspiration from this usage, fully articulating their desire to fill the void of diverse representation in the puzzle space, and to exhibit their pride in the creativity and contributions of contemporary artists of color. Puzzle dimensions: 24 x 24 inches. Piece count: 1000.

backpack gift

Bindle Daypack

The Bindle Pack is an incredible ultralight, ultra-strong daypack offering plenty of room for everything you need for a day's adventure, including your hammock and all needed accessories. While it's an ideal pack for a day hike on the trail, this extremely versatile backpack is designed for everyday use. It's perfect for traveling, commuting to work, grocery shopping, cycling, music festivals, and much more. The best part? The Bindle stuffs into its own tiny 3.5oz pouch you can fit in your pocket.

silk scrunchie gift

Silk Scrunchies from Viva La Silk

These beautiful 100% Silk Scrunchies protect your hair from damage, breakage and frizz. The Scrunchie has a hand-sewn loop to attach the scarf and has a hand-rolled finish. Created from upcycled + repurposed Silk from My-Cherie's Kimonos, Pants and Kaftans. The scarf is a square and is approximately 17" x 17".

wireless transmitter gift

AirFly Wireless Transmitter from TwelveSouth

AirFly bluetooth audio transmitter lets you stream wireless audio to your AirPods or other bluetooth headphones from devices that do not have built-in Bluetooth, such as in-flight entertainment systems on airplanes, gym equipment in fitness centers and anywhere else with only wired headphone jacks. Simply plug AirFly into the headphone jack on an airplane seat or treadmill at the gym to listen movies or shows with your AirPods. It's that easy. AirFly stays charged for over 20 hours (much longer than the competition so you won't run out of battery in the middle of a long flight) and includes a USB charging cable and travel pouch. AirFly E uses technology for high-fidelity, lag-free audio.

Food & drink gifts

The food & drink category features delicious gifts from amazing women-owned small businesses. Here, you can find a variety of treats that make for perfect gifts for any special occasion, from gourmet chocolates and baking kits to kitchen accessories like milk frothers and cookbooks!

olive oil gift

Libellula Riserva Olive Oil

Like all Libellula extra virgin olive oil, our 375ml glass bottle of Riserva is grown, pressed, and bottled by our collective of Italian family farmers in the hills just outside Rome.

The Riserva is our limited-release, early harvest. When they are picked and pressed in October, Riserva olives have not yet reached peak ripeness. This means we can only extract a small amount of extra virgin olive oil – but this also means it is incredibly antioxidant-rich and packed with peppery, herbaceous flavor!

Riserva flavor notes: bright, herbaceous, spicy, and undertones of walnut. Chef recommended pairings: bruschetta, soups, and red meat.

1/2 pound cookie gift

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tower Treats

Tall peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with a golden outside and a soft, gooey center. Individually packaged in a reusable and recyclable Tower Treats container for freshness. 4 Half-Pound Cookies.

Ingredients: flour, peanut butter, chocolate chips, unsalted butter, white sugar, light brown sugar, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, salt. Contains: Peanuts, Dairy, Wheat & Soy

milk frother gift

Milk Frother from Teaspressa

Handheld and rechargeable, create barista-inspired froth anywhere you are at the tap of a button. Our products are steeped in intentionality. From sustainable harvests to recyclable packaging, we think deeply about our impact and strive to make sure it's a positive one. 95% of our leadership is women. 98% of our staff are minorities. We don't just talk about inclusion—we live it.

seasonings gift

Seasonings from Gustus Vitae

Each one of these Non-GMO Project Verified artisan seasonings is special in its own way, and together, they're at the core of what you need to transform simple dishes into signature plates. Features a magnetized backing for easy organization - tins stick to your fridge or other metal surface.

Global Gourmet BBQ Collection: New Zealand Lamb & Game Rub, Brazilian Steakhouse BBQ Blend, South Pacific Pineapple BBQ Rub, Argentine Chimichurri & Steak Seasoning

Finishing Sea Salts & Rubs Collection: California Sea Salt, Ancho Chile Sea Salt, Garlic Pepper Rub, Red Cayenne Sea Salt, Tzatziki Sea Salt, Smoked Sea Salt

Cuisines of the World Seasonings: Taste of Thailand, Taste of Jamaica, Taste of Morocco, Taste of Tuscany, Taste of Cajun, Taste of Greece

carmel apple gift

Salted Caramel Apple Kit from Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkle's Salted Caramel Apple Kit creates an easy salty-sweet dipped delight topped with Filthy Rich Fancy Sugar and Fool's Gold Edible Glitter. Includes: Salted Caramel Flavored Decorating Melts, Filthy Rich Sugar, and Fool's Gold Edible Glitter.

salt and pepper gift

Superfood Salt & Pepper from Spicewell

A new duo to love. Salt & Pepper with a dash of something extra, inside and out. The World's First Golden Salt packs 10% of your daily vitamins in a half teaspoon serving. It includes an Ayurvedic, ashwagandha known to help with stress. It is 30% lower in sodium than regular table salt. The Black Pepper is blended with turmeric for an Ayurvedic recipe known to help with inflammation and circulation and can be used in place of your regular daily pepper. Award winning flavor, makes for a healthy and stylish addition to any kitchen. Non GMO, gluten-free, & vegan

drinking chocolate gift

Vegan Drinking Chocolates Trio from Elements Truffles

Meticulously crafted with clean ingredients, infused with ancient superfoods and inspired by ayurvedic healing.

Rose 8oz: This decadent chocolate mix is love, beauty and bliss in every sip. Perfectly balanced with earthy notes of cardamom. This sacred drink made with pure Ecuadorian cacao, is a perfect treat for all your senses.

Ashwagandha 8oz: Ecuadorian cacao that you have to taste to believe. Infused with Ashwagandha, the ancient adaptogenic superfood known for its energizing and stress-relieving properties.

Turmeric 8oz: This unique blend is crafted from the finest organic and fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao, giving it a rich and decadent flavor that's impossible to resist. With the added goodness of turmeric, a powerful adaptogenic spice that's been used for centuries to boost immunity and promote overall wellness.

blondery gift

Birthday Cake Variety Box from Blondery

If someone asks you where you want to go for dinner and you say, "I don't know, you pick," then this is the box for you. Put your trust in pastry chef & Blondery founder, Auzerais, to give you "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" in the best way possible. You'll get three of Blondery's must-have signature flavors plus a bonus, limited edition seasonal flavor. Treats are handmade and might take up to a week to ship.

bees wraps gift

Meadow & Herb Bee's Wraps

A plant-based alternative to plastic wrap made from familiar all-natural ingredients that provide properties for sealing a bowl, tightly wrapping veggies, fruits, and bread to preserve freshness. Plant-based Bee's Wrap contains no beeswax, is reusable, washable, and biodegradable. Made with high-quality ingredients sourced from nature, including; candelilla wax, soy wax, organic plant oils, and tree resin.


- 1 Bread (17" x 23") Meadow Magic

- 2 Small (7" x 8") Meadow Magic

- 2 Medium (10" x 11") Herb Garden

- 2 Large (10" x 13") Herb Garden

subarz gift

Home Baked Subarz from Subarzsweets

The classic biscotti that will take your taste buds on a journey! Made with the finest ingredients, our biscotti is twice-baked to perfection, creating a deliciously crunchy texture. This popular bar is perfect for any time of day and pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Unlike traditional Italian biscotti, our Subarz is not as hard, making it easy to enjoy without needing to dunk it. Includes 8 bars. For Gluten Free Options: Please note that while all ingredients are gluten-free, these Subarz are prepared in a kitchen that contains gluten.

cakers favorite gift

The Caker's Favorite Things Bundle

This sweet bundle includes Jordan's favorite palette knife and a trusty mini silicone spatula - the two baking tools she couldn't live without, her Banana Cinnamon Cake Kit and her fifth recipe book - Sunday Baking 3.

Banana Cinnamon Cake Kit: This kit makes a lusciously soft, moist and gently spiced banana cake, which is topped with perfectly crunchy, salty-sweet oat crumble. It's made with organic coconut sugar, which lends a caramel flavor and the aroma wafting out of your oven as this cake bakes is...indescribably good. Includes: Cinnamon cake mix, oat almond crumble topping mix, non-stick liner, and instruction card. What you will provide: bananas and butter. Vegan friendly. Contains tree nuts (ground almonds) and wheat.

Sunday Baking 3: This dreamy, and particularly stroke-able book contains 40 recipes divided into cakes, cookies and desserts, all shot by Jordan's bestie in LA, Emma Bassill. In its pages you will find a mix of vegan, gluten-free and limitlessly indulgent recipes, and plenty of ingredients you may not expect to see in a sweet setting. It's a fun one.

chocolate gift

International Chocolate Bar Library from Milène Jardine Chocolatier

International Chocolate Bars inspired by cultures and flavors from around the world. Real fruit, herbs and spices are added into each bar made of 70% dark chocolate. Smell the natural herbs, feel the thin texture of the bar, snap off a piece, and let the chocolate melt on your tongue to release the refreshing and arousing flavors. Handmade with ethically sourced cacao & Vegan.

Each chocolate library gift box includes:

1 Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar

1 Toasted Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Chocolate Bar

1 Raw Pistachio Chocolate Bar

1 Rosemary Chocolate Bar

1 South American Dark Chocolate Bar

High-end, luxury gifts

The Loop & Tie Marketplace has other themed collections and price-point collections that feature women-owned businesses. In this section, we'll be sharing a few of our favorite women-owned businesses that are featured in other luxury gift collections.

tequila gift

Luna Blanco from Inspiro Tequila

Inspiro Tequila Luna Blanco is a clean, confirmed additive-free tequila meticulously crafted from 100% agave and rested in oak barrels to create a smooth and sippable blanco tequila with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel with hints of mint and citrus. 750ml, 40% Alc/Vol.

cadence gift

The Original Seven from Cadence

Elevate the way you organize with this magnetic and leakproof seven Capsule bundle curated for each day of the week – so maintaining your routines feels easy whether you're home or away. Each capsule has a 0.56 fl oz capacity.

pickleball gift

Pickleball Set for Two from Recess

Includes two paddles, a convenient bag, and three balls. Recess's paddles are composite paddle and have a durable fiberglass surface with a high quality honeycomb core. Ideal for an impromptu pickleball game with friends or a spontaneous day in the sun!

hammock bag gift

Hammock Sling Bag from SABRINA ZENG

Inspired by the hammock shape, Sabrina Zeng's "Chiaroscuro" hammock sling bag is a must-have for the new season. It is so versatile - wear it around your waist, over one shoulder, or slung cross-body. It's made from soft black leather in a curved silhouette and has a roomy twill-lined interior for your essentials. Black leather (Italian vegetal tanned lambskin); Fully lined in cotton twill. This bag supports 13 Days of empowerment programs and workshops for underprivileged women in Nepal, through their partner BLINKNOW.

nesting bowls gift

Derrick Nesting Bowls from Union Style Home

As a set of three, these oval nesting bowls sit perfectly inside one another. Fill with food for the party or leave out as décor all on its own. Each piece is an individual, hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters. No factory molds here, so you may see some variations in the design.

Small: Approx 7" L, 5.5" W, 4" H

Medium: Approx 10" L, 9" W, 4.5" H

Large: Approx 13" L, 10.5" W, 4.75" H

detox kit gift

Ultimate Detox from HigherDOSE

Tools to enhance deep relaxation and promotes glowing skin

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket: Take a wellness cue from the likes of celebrities worldwide and take your DOSE on the go. Perfect for traveling or at-home use, these Infrared Sauna Blankets increase the body's thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow – so you sweat like you're working out, without working out. As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, infrared also provides an uplifting sensation. The result? A healthy, rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling euphoric.

Copper Body Brush: The Copper Body Brush takes dry-brushing to new heights with ion-charged bristles that wake up the body, exfoliate the skin, and promote relaxation. Incorporating dry brushing as part of your daily detox routine will invigorate the skin and ignite a natural glow.

Healing Oil: This luscious Organic Castor Oil, Magnesium and warming essentials-based formula is a powerful tool to enhance your sauna or workout routine. The first of its kind on the market, our heat activated (infrared in your sauna blanket or during a workout), HEALING OIL creates a warming sensation and amplifies your sweat session.

Detox Drops: A nutritionally dense elixir designed to amplify the detox of any sweat session. They've packed in magnesium, marine algae minerals, and chlorophyllin to bind and draw out toxins in the body as you sweat. Their Detox Drops boast a dose of milk thistle to support liver cleanse through the removal of free radicals and toxic substances.

Includes 1 Infrared Sauna Blanket, 1 Copper Body Brush, 1 Healing Oil, and 1 Detox Drops.

Let's go girls!

All of the incredible gifts from women-owned small businesses listed above are available in the Loop & Tie Marketplace. Simply select the Women-Owned Gift Collection and send to your recipients via email! Get started for free.

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