Gratitude in Corporate Gifting
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Gratitude in Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting can drive customer loyalty, customer retention, and gratitude.


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Think about the best gift you ever received. Maybe it was a car on your sixteenth birthday. Or a coveted toy on a long-ago Christmas morning. Or perhaps a long-awaited trinket passed down from a parent. Whatever the gift, what you most likely remember is how validated it made you feel and, in turn, the gratitude you felt towards the giver.

Corporate gifting is really not so different from that Cabbage Patch doll you opened under the tree years ago. (Though there might be less ribbon involved.) And the results are often the same, too. When corporate gifting is done right, it can be the catalyst to lasting feelings of gratitude and—more importantly for your business—customer loyalty.

Because often the difference between a client choosing your business over another comes down to a feeling valued. Products and services offered can be hard to differentiate at times, but customer service can make a drastic difference in consumer loyalty. In fact, 73% of all people say customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Client gifts are an effective tactic to build that loyalty, especially when you can personalize your gifts to your customers’ needs, interests, and affinities.

Gift what they actually want

Still not sure what will get their hearts fluttering like those presents from long ago? We’ve got you covered. Loop & Tie’s gifting technology makes tailoring every gift to your client simple—because we let your client choose the gift that they actually want. You select a pricepoint and your customer selects what means the most to them (while you still get the credit for providing the right choices).

Meet their needs

Another gift they won’t forget? One that provides a needed solution. You know your customer needs what you provide, but take the time to consider the other needs of their demographic when selecting the right gift options. Could they use a pick-me-up? Hello, personalized travel mug. A time-saver? Meet a super convenient catered lunch. Or a reminder of their own value? How about that gorgeous piece of art they would never buy themselves? Every time they see, use, or remember your gift, it will be a reminder that you were the brand who truly understood what they needed.

Plus, remember that practicality doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice quality. Loop & Tie can help you find rewarding, personalized gifts at scale for your entire customer base. Now that’s a gift everyone can appreciate.

Take the first step

Another important thing to keep in mind? (This is a big one.) Corporate gifting is no time to be coy. The gift funnel can start earlier than you might think in your customer relationship—and the result is often an increase in consumer affinity and an incentive for new customers to give back to you with repeat business or a referral.

Think about the next step

Finally, gifts are an incredible way to drive return business. More than two-thirds of companies now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience—and that’s a competition you want to win. Reward your customers as part of your follow-up process, while also using that communication to elicit feedback, reviews, and referrals. We can help your customer experience teams increase customer retention and drive future sales with surprises and thank-you gifts your customers will never forget.

There are a million ways to make a lasting impression with your clients. But with the right corporate gifting platform, you’ll make the right one—and you’ll make a customer for life.

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