We’re taking sustainable corporate gifting up a notch with Boox Boxes
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We’re taking sustainable corporate gifting up a notch with Boox Boxes

Learn more about our partnership with Boox and how they help us achieve our environmental impact and sustainability goals.
Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker, Director of Growth

At Loop & Tie, we believe corporate gifts should be meaningful and unique—while supporting sustainable gifting practices.

We've been saying it, and we'll keep saying it.

Corporate gifting should not only be a delight to the recipient, but also a reflection of the company’s values and commitment to the environment.

Bringing sustainability into our corporate gifting solutions and ultimately our customers’ business practices is in the fabric of everything we do at Loop. Our team actively researches and sources eco-friendly products, supports local businesses and communities, and minimizes packaging waste.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best partners and practices to make sure your corporate gift help the environment, people, and economy.

The Loop & Tie x Boox Partnership

We're excited to announce that Loop & Tie has partnered with Boox to provide a more sustainable, multi-use packaging option to our gifting solution. Woohoo for less waste!

1 million trees are cut down every day to make cardboard shipping boxes. Boox Boxes are designed to be returned & reused, eliminating the need to make a new box for every shipment.

How it works:

  1. Your Loop & Tie gift is delivered in a Boox Box.
  2. Scan the QR code to find a return place.
  3. Don't forget to fold up your Boox Box!

Partnering with Boox allows us to reduce and reuse our packaging. Our fulfillment teams pack and ship as usual. Then, we recover the boxes from recipients through the return network, and extend their life in a turnkey, zero-waste, closed loop system.


What sustainable corporate gifting looks like at Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie has always delivered gifts in packaging made of 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials. We also sequester 2x the amount of carbon we’re putting into the atmosphere with every shipment.

We’re excited to continue making big changes in the way corporate gifting is traditionally done, and amazing partnerships like Boox and Pledge 1% help make this possible.

Together with our customers, our environmental sustainability initiatives have had a big impact:

  • 🐋 42,272 lbs of plastic removed from the ocean
  • 🌳 433,358 trees planted
  • 🚚 1,733,431 lbs of carbon sequestered
  • 🌊 100,902 lbs of ocean-bound plastic removed

But, environmental sustainability is only part of our regenerative model.

Economic sustainability: Our marketplace is full of gifts thoughtfully sourced from independent creators, makers, and artisans. Your spend on the Loop & Tie platform gets distributed directly to local economies. As a women-owned & founded business, we pridefully support small businesses from historically marginalized communities around the world.

Social Sustainability: We are pretty passionate about the environment, but we know your values might extend to other social causes. Our gift-it-forward capabilities allow you to support charities, non-profits, or causes that matter most to you and your community. There have been $2,015,936 gifted to 834 causes.

As Loop & Tie begins this journey with Boox to build more sustainable practices in corporate gifting, we invite you to join us in finding ways to use small initiatives to make a big impact.

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