Employee Appreciation Guide: Prioritizing Well Being
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Employee Appreciation Guide: Prioritizing Well Being

Employee appreciation trends 202: Employee Well Being
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Pre-COVID, organizations were already seeing a rise In employee well-being as a top priority. Post-COVID, it's become paramount. From focusing on helping employees with the mental, emotional, and social skills needed to cope – and thrive – to providing thoughtful new strategies for employee appreciation.

Use this guide as a framework for creating employee appreciation programs to prioritize well-being and empower workers.

66% of employees currently aren’t able to access or use their company’s recognition tools while 37% don’t feel empowered to use the program. We can help change that by creating employee appreciation and well-being gift programs.

There's more than one way to develop a strong employee appreciation program. From well-being programs adjacent to work to programs that prioritize thoughtful at-work cultures, we've helped support them all. Here are our top picks.

Employees are 5X more likely to stay at their organizations if they are regularly acknowledged for great work and dedication that's why employee anniversary gifts are important.

Recognition is not meant to be transactional, but for most employee recognition programs, it can be – everyone gets the same thing (if anything). You can set up different gift collections for employees based on length of employment, title, and more. Once you set up the collections, schedule their anniversary dates and a gift goes out to them like clockwork. The best part: It will never feel cookie-cutter because they get to choose their gift.


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Over 60% of users have shown a preference for wellness-related items in the last 12 months. But wellness differs for each person: from puzzles to bath salts to yoga mats and candles – how a person opts to focus on well-being is an individual choice. Monthly employee well-being programs are at the forefront of employee appreciation right now.


There is a 26% increase in engagement scores when employees give recognition to each other.

Appreciation is meaningful when it comes from both your peers and your manager/HR. Have both types of recognition available in your solutions. With Loop & Tie, you can set up team accounts that allow individuals to send gifts to their peers – from a pre-determined budget.


Instead of sending baby-focused gifts to parents coming back to work, welcome them back with the parent's well-being in mind. Post-paternity welcome back gifts are thoughtful and parent focused. 

Schedule gifts for the day your employee is scheduled to come back from parental leave. Give them the option to select which gift will fit into their new normal.

Ready to see how the Loop & Tie platform can be used for your employee gifting and recognition programs? Start gifting or book a demo today!

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