Zero-Waste Grand Hoop Earrings

Fashion-forward accessories for the eco-conscious generation

2" x 2" 0 oz

This new take on basics represents the Inner Beauty in all of us. Hidden inside of the colorful Grand hoop is a gold-plated lining for everyone keen on hidden details. Hoops are made of plant based resin, a renewable and biodegradable material finished with gold plated metal.

Dimensions: 2 ¼” diameter, 3/16” width, 3.5 grams

*Due to each hoop being made individually and the nature of plant resin, color, grain and texture may vary. These natural markings are perfect im-perfections.

DEZEN is the first circular fashion accessories brand pioneering the plant-based design ethic. Their mission is to create beautiful accessories that are respectful to the earth and the people who work with them. Using cutting-edge technology, DEZEN has a zero-waste process, short supply chain, and quick order fulfillment all while employing renewable materials. Through their unique process, they are able to offer customers an opportunity to return DEZEN pieces for material recycling/re-purposing at any time.

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