Stainless Steel Tiffin Box - Teal

Hand-painted container to store your meal

Stainless Steel Tiffin Box - Teal Image 1

This hand-painted, tiered tiffin makes the perfect storing piece for a hearty meal or your next snack on-the-go. Its tightly sealed closing system ensures a perfect and safe preservation of the contents. Hand-painted in a design that can be matched with additional stainless steel elements certain to bring happiness. Tiffin boxes are not dishwasher safe: please wash by hand with soft cloth.

About Lil Pyar
With each swaddle; touch; tug; or tumble, Lil' Pyar features the splendor of soft natural materials, crafted by hand in a handful of happy hues. Each piece is designed by Founder, Paula Queen with the dream and hope that each piece will not only snuggle with little one as stories are told but will "gather" stories to be told for years to come.


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