The Cigar Aficionado Set

Refine every moment: discover the flavor of tradition with this premium whiskey tasting & cigar smoking set

The Cigar Aficionado Set

Bringing style & sophistication to the art of cigar smoking, this distinctive set combines functionality with refined design, making it a must-have accessory for novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Cigars are ideal companions to a wide range cocktails featuring spirits, such as Scotch Whiskey and Cognac, enhancing the flavor profiles of each indulgent sip.

Savor every puff of your favorite smoke with the meticulously crafted cigar cutter, ensuring clean and precise cuts for effortless draws. Rest your cigar on the handcrafted solid granite ashtray as you sip on your beverage, perfectly chilled by the award-winning granite cooling stones, preserving its true taste without dilution.

Set includes: (6) ROCKS™ whiskey stones, (1) custom design cigar cutter, and (1) granite ashtray in a magnificent gold foil gift box

About the Brand - ROCKS
Inspired by the finest things in life, ROCKS was created for those who don't compromise on taste. With an enduring passion for meticulous craft and product design, Quinten embarked on this journey with just an idea and a dream. Today, ROCKS is loved by thousands of whiskey enthusiasts and is recognized internationally as the leading whiskey stones brand. Polished to perfection, the iconic handcrafted granite stones let you enjoy your favorite spirits, the right way.

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