b, mat impact

Designed for dynamic and high-impact modalities

b, mat impact

This thick, durable, supportive mat with recycled content is almost as tough as you are. Made of 100% complex NBR foam with a bevelled edge and ribbed texture, it provides greater support and cushioning than standard yoga-style mats. If you're a big fan of comfort, this mat can also double as a super-soft and ultra-comfortable yoga or meditation mat. Created for both indoor and outdoor use, you can have confidence that it will support you wherever your next workout takes you.

Color: SLATE
Materials: 100% complex NBR foam
Dimensions: 71” L x 26” W x 0.4" H / Weight: 3.9lbs

About the Brand - b, halfmoon
Born in British Columbia, Canada in 1989, Halfmoon began with a mission to provide top-quality yoga props. Now, under the banner of b, halfmoon, it's more than just a brand—it's a state of being, fueled by wellness and community. Committed to sustainability and guided by shared values, b, halfmoon proudly works towards B Corp certification. Joined by B Yoga in 2018, they stand together, ready to make a greater impact on the yoga world. Join them on their journey—it's destined to be beautiful. *Women-Owned

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