Stellar Gentle Teeth Whitening Kit

Gentle teeth whitening at home

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The Be Lucent PAP+ Teeth Whitening kit is a gentle teeth whitening solution that is gentle on the enamel and gums. It uses an advanced activator, which combines blue and red light technology to deliver exceptional whitening results and offers a calming effect on the gums.

Be Lucent's gentle teeth whitening treatment offers a 8-12 days program that can sustain the brightness of your teeth for up to two years.

Their teeth whitening gel formulation is 100% free of any Peroxide content. The Be Lucent PAP+ gel also use hydroxyapatite to mitigate the potential risks of enamel damage.

About the Brand - Be Lucent
Be Lucent was born with the idea that every smile is unique, and every smile makes the world a brighter place. Cheesy perhaps but it’s their truth. They want to inspire people to rethink and re-evaluate their dental routines. They want to make them shine brighter. To be Lucent.

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