The Caker Wonder Bundle

Delectable, elevated cake mixes

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This bundle has everything you need to become a Caker cake kit connoisseur - all four best selling cake kits!

1 x Banana Cinnamon Cake Kit
This kit makes a lusciously soft, moist and gently spiced banana cake, which is topped with perfectly crunchy, salty-sweet oat crumble. It's made with organic coconut sugar, which lends a caramel flavor and the aroma wafting out of your oven as this cake bakes is...indescribably good.

Includes: Cinnamon cake mix, oat almond crumble topping mix, non-stick liner, and instruction card. What you will provide: bananas and butter. Vegan friendly. Contains tree nuts (ground almonds) and wheat.

1 x Spiced Carrot Cake Kit
This cake kit makes a sticky carrot cake that is gently spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Jordan chose to put zante currants in this kit recipe because she love the sweet yet tart bursts they add to each bite. Of course, cream cheese icing is an absolute classic with carrot cake and to top everything off, it doesn’t get better than salted caramel!

Includes: Spiced cake mix, cream cheese icing mix, organic salted caramel, non stick pan liner, and instruction card. What you will provide: eggs, oil, carrots, cream cheese. Contains tree nuts (almonds), gluten (wheat flour), and dairy (milk).

1 x Coconut Raspberry Lime Leaf Cake Kit
The raspberry laden cake is only subtly sweet and has the most moreish lamington-esque texture. Adding the freeze-dried lime leaf powder to the cake and glaze is optional, but Jordan truly adores the intensely fresh and fragrant flavor that it imparts!

Includes: coconut cake mix, dried coconut, coconut glaze mix, freeze-dried raspberry decoration, ground freeze-dried thai lime leaf, non-stick liner, and instruction card. What you will provide: milk, oil, raspberries, and butter. Vegan Friendly. Contains tree nuts (ground almonds) and wheat.

1 x Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf Cake Kit
This kit makes the MOST decadent, fudge-like chocolate cake. Ever. It's actually based on one of the recipes The Caker was founded on. The quality of the chocolate is the key to this cake’s glorious richness, so inside the box you'll find the exact same chocolate Jordan uses to bake this recipe in my bakery everyday. The sheet of edible 24k gold leaf is intended to be delicately pressed onto the top of your cake to make it even more lavish.

Includes: couverture chocolate pieces, chocolate cake mix, sheet of 24k edible gold leaf, non-stick liner, and instruction card. What you will provide: eggs & butter. Gluten free and is packed a gluten free environment.

About the Brand - The Caker
Jordan grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but her obsession for baking was born from spending her holidays in Paris with her grandparents. As she grew up the kitchen became her domain. Being completely self-taught meant she had the freedom to bend the rules and push the boundaries of traditional baking, and she developed a unique style of her own.

In 2010 when she was 21 she made a life-changing decision - she turned her passion into a career and officially became The Caker. She built a made-to-order cake business selling home-made style cakes that taste even better than they look - super moist, fudgey ones bursting with flavor. She became the go-to baker for fashion events, art gallery openings and high-end parties. She was making cakes cool again.

As the brand grew more popular and demand for the kits started to come from all around the world, she decided to expand operations to the USA in 2019 and The Caker is now set up in Los Angeles. Her cake kits allow novice and proficient bakers alike to experience amazing cake. People get to experience elation as they watch their creation turn golden in the oven and the pride and joy that comes from sharing cake. Which is the exact reason she became The Caker. *Women-Owned

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