Orange Wine Sampler - 2 Bottle

Organic, orange wines with low sulfites and zero sugar

Orange Wine Sampler - 2 Bottle Image 1

The ultimate Orange Wine Sampler. Includes the elevated Bheeyo Orange Wine which has notes of lychee and is incredibly shareable, paired with the groovy Monje - a 7-day Skin Contact Orange Wine that's the talk of every party. Absolute show-stoppers and statement wines at every gathering.

Can not ship to the following states: UT, SC, RI, OK, MS, KY, HI, DE, AR, AL, AK, WV as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Please note: adult signature (21+ years of age) is required for the delivery to be released. Can not ship to PO Boxes.

About the Brand - Tinto Amorio
It's not about drinking often, but to drink exceptionally if you do. Anish started Tinto to create natural wines for those who enjoy sustainable, elevated, and delicious wine without the synthetics, or pretentiousness. They don't promote drinking culture but rather mindful enjoyment. Tinto is minority-owned, and family & friends run; they craft their wines with love in Sonoma County California. *BIPOC-Owned

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