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A curated collection of Reålea's alchemical offerings specifically designed for daily use on the sensitive skin of the face. The Beauty Trio set includes 1 balm, 1 serum, and 1 toner: Aurora (30ml) Beauty & Healing Balm, Astrum (30ml) Beauty Oil, & Imber (100ml) Refreshing Face Mist. A thoughtfully curated daily face care regimen to combat stress, protect against damage, and encourage a radiant healthy glow.

Aurora "Dawn" (30ml) Beauty & Healing Balm; featuring egg yolk oil, sal butter, tamanu oil, sea buckthorn, frankincense, sandalwood, zinc bhasma and oil of gold plus many more of the finest natural ingredients alchemically prepared in a proprietary formula.

Astrum "Star" (30ml) Beauty Serum; featuring prickly pear cactus seed oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, watermelon seed oil, olive-derived squalene and helichrysum oil plus many more of the finest natural ingredients alchemically prepared in a proprietary formula.

Imber "Rain Shower" (100ml) Refreshing Face Mist & Toner; featuring hydrosols of lemon balm, neroli, frankincense, myrrh with oil of gold and colloidal silver alchemically prepared in a proprietary formula.

All of their products are entirely natural, made from whole ingredients, with zero synthetic chemicals or preservatives. In violet glass jar with durable 18k gold label. Hand-made, numbered small batch. Their product cartons are made from Tree-Free paper from upcycled sugarcane byproducts and are fully compostable.

About the Brand - Reålea
Reålea Skincare is a California public benefit corporation with the mission of improving human health, advancing knowledge and promoting the alchemical arts. Our founder, Nick Grossenbacher, began his career as a historian studying traditional medicine and alchemy around the world. In his careful study of long forgotten ingredients and techniques, he identified a great modern opening and then joined forces with his co-founder Crispin Clarke to give new life to these timeless-yet-practical and environmentally harmonious techniques.

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