Counter Caddy

Make space for this sleek 2-piece sink organizer!

Counter Caddy

Made from bamboo fiber, this countertop sink caddy features a ribbed, non-slip base roomy enough to hold a liquid soap dispenser or hand soap. It also doubles as a reservoir to collect drained water, making it ideal for drying cutlery and utensils. Its main container features separate compartments to organize and store a brush and sponge. Bonus - Dismantles for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

Color: STONE
Dimensions & Weight: 7.8 x 3.5 x 6 inches, 10.4 oz
Design: Alessio Romano for EKOBO

About the Brand - EKOBO
EKOBO is a French eco-lifestyle brand founded by husband & wife duo, Bruno & Boo Louis. EKOBO, in French, is a mash-up of the words ECO (ecology) and BEAU (beautiful). EKOBO's mission is to embellish homes and lives while protecting the environment through functional designs conceived and manufactured in an eco-responsible way. Each EKOBO product is unique because it's been dreamed up, imagined, invented ... inspired by Boo & Bruno's family life - their 3 girls. EKOBO products are meant to be used and REUSED, by all ages, indoors and outdoors. *Women-Owned

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