Amethyst Crystal Eye Pillow

Experience serene relaxation with this crystal-infused silk-eye pillow

Amethyst Crystal Eye Pillow

Enhance meditation or rest by basking in the subtle pressure of this oversized smooth silk eye pillow. With amethyst gemstones mixed inside, they are said to remove negative thoughts and purify the mind. Also filled with organic wheat berry and lavender, heat or leave at room temperature to take in the soothing properties of this aroma as you breathe deep inhales and exhales before bed, during yoga or after screen time.

Materials: Amethyst, wheat berry, lavender, silk
Dimensions: 0.5" x 4.5" x 8"

About the Brand - b, halfmoon
Born in British Columbia, Canada in 1989, Halfmoon began with a mission to provide top-quality yoga props. Now, under the banner of b, halfmoon, it's more than just a brand—it's a state of being, fueled by wellness and community. Committed to sustainability and guided by shared values, b, halfmoon proudly works towards B Corp certification. Joined by B Yoga in 2018, they stand together, ready to make a greater impact on the yoga world. Join them on their journey—it's destined to be beautiful. *Women-Owned

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