Better Battery AA + AAA Pack

100% recyclable, zero-waste batteries

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20 AA + 20AAA Pack of batteries with a 7-year shelf-life - a certified carbon neutral, sustainable product with a built-in recycling process. Independently tested for performance and quality, 100% recyclable packaging and 0% to landfill policy.

Better means the consideration of the full life cycle of batteries from start to finish. Many of us make the effort to recycle paper, drive electric cars, and save water. Why, then, are we so willing to throw away used batteries? Better Battery Co. has created the world’s first carbon neutral battery with a built-in recycling program. The batteries are broken down at the recycling facility and the individual components are carefully extracted for new uses. When your batteries are depleted generate a prepaid recycling label at

About the Brand - Better Battery Co
Better Battery Co. was founded in October 2021 by sisters, and mothers Jessica Jenkins and Jaclyn Byles. They are both committed to ensuring the best future possible for their gang of littles and subsequent generations. Quickly after becoming mothers, they noticed the ever-present need for batteries, a desire to streamline and simplify ways to ensure having household necessities (like batteries!) on hand and organized, and a sustainable way of disposing of depleted batteries. Together they envisioned and gave life to BBCo; a true family brand, a product of collaboration; and a simple and organized way to purchase, store, and recycle alkaline batteries.

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