Colhoun Candle

Scented with notes of peppercorn, leather and fir

Colhoun Candle Image 1
8" x 8" x 2"

The Colhoun Candle provides a warm winter glow from a multi wick base set in a low wooden bowl. Scented with notes of peppercorn, leather and fir, the Colhoun Candle helps to create an inviting cozy environment on a holiday evening. Re-use the wooden carved wooden bowl for trinkets and collectibles once the candle has burned down.

About the Brand - Accent Decor
Growing up working in his father's greenhouse in Canada, Frank Hofland wanted to contain the beautiful blooms his father grew and started traveling the world as a teenager in search of design-focused containers for his father's business. In 1997, he took that perspective to Atlanta, GA with his wife, Margaret, and three daughters, to start Accent Decor, Inc. with a dream to provide products that would ignite a passion for beauty and design within the floral industry. Grounded in this belief that customers deserve the best new products, the Hofland family continues to scour the globe each season to build a new collection on the leading edge of today's trends.
Since their inception, they’ve pledged 6% of our gross profits to support the local and global communities that have shaped them. Therefore, when you choose them, you’re not just acquiring stunning products; you’re also making a difference in the lives of others! *Women-Owned

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