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No Mess, Just Chill

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The S’well Ice Cream Chiller makes savoring ice cream at home or taking it on the go easy – and fabulous! With S’well’s Therma-S’well® Technology and triple-layer, vacuum insulation, it keeps pints frozen (and hands warm) for hours on end. Simply drop in a favorite pint, close the lid and go. Then eat or serve directly from the cooler. Perfect for picnics in the park, backyard BBQs and movie night.

About the Brand - S’well
S’well started with the iconic 17-ounce bottle. Every day S’well is inspired to bring style, innovation, and joy to sustainable living. That means doing good, being good, to people and the planet through the power of design and ingenuity. It also means they strive to positively transform the world through their products and consistent action and giving back. S’well believes that something as simple as buying a beautiful reusable bottle or bowl can make a difference. Every S’well purchased counts towards displacing millions of plastic bottles and helps pledge millions of dollars to organizations that help communities worldwide.

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