Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Create vibrantly-swirled rainbow bagels

Rainbow Bagel Making Kit Image 1

With the FarmSteady Rainbow Bagel Making Kit, you can now create vibrantly-swirled rainbow bagels in your own kitchen. Delightfully playful with a perfectly crisp bagel crust, cut them open to reveal an amazing burst of color for homemade bagels that are almost too beautiful to eat.

Building on the accessibility of the popular FarmSteady Everything Bagel Making Kit, these rainbow bagels are easy to master and bagel-shop quality. Making your own bagels is just so much fun, and making rainbow bagels is totally next level—especially when enlisting helpers to join in on the activities. All the ingredients in the kits are good for 12-18 months.

Included in the Kit:
* Baking Mix
* Baking Yeast
* Red, Yellow & Blue Liquid Gel Food Coloring

About the Brand - FarmSteady
FarmSteady designs and produces kits and other products meant to inspire folks to make something incredible in their own homes. They are a small team of DIY-minded and creative food-lovers with a passion for product design and education. They build their kits in New York. So much of what tastes great doesn't need a lot of equipment, space, or even a ton of practice. With high-quality ingredients and some knowledge, the possibilities for what you can make from scratch are nearly endless. *Women-Owned

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