round21 Roses Soccer Ball

Dedicated to those who put in the time and passion to advance the game

round21 Roses Soccer Ball Image 1

The story and symbolism of roses have long been tied to passion and achievement. And, this limited edition, artfully designed performance soccer ball evokes that deep emotion that grows within today's generation of players. The Roses Soccer Ball by round21 gives flowers to those players showing up and playing hard everyday. Because the win lies in the pursuit - and everyone's pursuit should be celebrated.

Jasmine Maietta - founder of round21 was inspired by artist
Craig White's round21 Roses Basketball and Backboard and created the Roses soccer ball as a tribute to the passion and purpose often overlooked for wins and achievement in sports.

About the Brand - round21
The idea for round21 came in 2020, after Jasmine Maietta spent decades with athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and entertainers who love sports. round21 aims to empower the creative spirit in all of us. They're a group of sports fans, athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists connecting and growing together. round21 spans the digital and physical world, and uses technology to bring us closer together while keeping the physical products and the real world our foundation. They call their approach "digi-fizzy" and it's our secret sauce. *BIPOC & Women Owned

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