Travel Sanitizer + Case

Sanitizing never looked so chic

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Made of pebbled vegan leather and matte brass hardware, The Voyager Pouch holds your Travel Bottle and conveniently clips on to any bag, backpack, belt, diaper bag or stroller. This antibacterial hand gel kills 99.99% of germs and uses premium plant powered hydration for clean, moisturized hands without the water. As effective as it is luxurious. This chic travel size bottle is made with 65% PCR (previously recycled plastic).

1 Travel pouch
1 Travel Bottle

About the Brand - Paume
Our hands are our most exposed body part (think: UV, harsh temperatures, germs, chemicals, etc), but they are often neglected from our body care routine. Over the past two years, Paume has reimagined a dedicated skincare routine for your hands, featuring unique clean formulas, our universally loved signature scent, and our striking dispensers and tools, which balance design and sustainability. *Women-owned

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