Pebbled Bedside Carafe Set

Crafted by artisans, made from Recycled Glass

Pebbled Bedside Carafe Set Image 1
4" x 4" x 8"

Treat your guests right with our stylish recycled glass bedside carafe set. The tapered, softly dimpled vessel features a pour spout up top and punt in its base, a detail shared by the rounded drinking glass doubling as its lid. Carafe capacity: 25 oz.

About the Brand - The Collective
The Collective's artisans are masters in their trades, crafting each piece using centuries-old techniques in sculpting, metal forging, woodworking, casting and hand etching. They’ve taken these traditions and applied them to new designs we are proud to introduce. In this way, their craftspeople continue to celebrate and share their rich cultural heritage. By supporting The Collective, you support the artisans with fair wages and safe working environments and make a direct investment in preserving a vital culture and tradition.

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