Station Money Clip

Store your bills and cards with a sleek tool

Station Money Clip Image 1

A brand new approach to one of our original product types, the Station Money Clip is light, sturdy, and super functional. The titanium frame with a black or silver finish can accommodate an ample number of cards and bills.

About the Brand - Craighill
Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, they are a design and manufacturing brand rooted in curiosity, ingenuity, and pleasure. They're not the kind of brand who wants to go on about the essence of design, but if they had to sum up their thoughts on the subject they would say that it's all about balancing the limitless magic of an object with its tactile, real-world functionality. Whether you are looking to find a more seductive way to protect and store your glasses, a more beautiful home for your keys, or a sculptural pillow for your wallet, they're here for you.

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