Tiny Terracotta Grow Kits

A holiday favorite, just add water and set in a sunny window

4" x 4" x 4" 16 oz

This indoor grow kit features a terracotta vessel with a glazed interior outfitted with a nested coconut net pot that provides drainage and can be transplanted to a pot or garden if a larger plant is desired. Comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing.

Festive Poinsettia: Certified Non-GMO Poinsettia Seeds. A holiday favorite, this plant's foliage features an incredible range of colors perfectly complimented by brilliant red-orange foliage blooms.

Peppermint Cosmos: Certified Non-GMO Cosmo Seeds. A cousin to the daisy, cosmos yield an abundance of delicate white and magenta colored blooms.

Lavender: This highly versatile and aromatic herb features slender sage green stems and delicate clusters of purple blooms.

About the Brand - Modern Sprout
As avid cooks, eaters, and project planners, and desperate for a fool-proof way to cultivate healthy herbs, vegetables, and flowers, Modern Sprout was created in a small apartment in Chicago, IL. They now provide planters that are simple, stylish, and fertile with success. Just add water. Since its founding in 2013, Modern Sprout has been committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing when possible, reducing plastic materials in its products and packaging, and building its products with sustainable materials. From donating a percentage of proceeds to the Pollinator Partnership for ecosystem protection, to partnering with the Heartland Alliance to provide employment for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents, Modern Sprout is dedicated to making their community and earth a better place.

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