Shār Snack 3 Pack Tropical Trail Mix

Fuel for adventures big and small

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Shār Snacks is delicious and eco-friendly trail mix handcrafted in Austin, Texas. You will receive 3, 3.7oz pocket & pack-friendly tubes with approximately 4 servings each. The tubes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, including the label! Reuse, refill, and recycle when done.

Tropical Trail Mix:
7 incredible ingredients, exhaustively researched, taste-tested, calibrated, and ethically sourced, come together to create a trail mix so good, you’ll want to shār.

• Macadamia Nuts from Island Harvest, Hawaii
• Mango from Fine Dried Foods, Mexico
• Pineapple from Amazi, Uganda
• Pecans from Guemando Valley, TX
• Cashews from Dongnai, Vietnam
• Almonds from Turlock, CA
• Coconut flakes from Katana, Sri Lanka

About the Brand - Shār Snacks
Healthy. Delicious. Ethical. Back in 2013, Shār Snacks figured the only way to check all those boxes was to make it themselves. All ingredients are 100% organic, small-batch and responsibly–sourced with as light a footprint as possible. 20% of net profits are donated to the Conservation Alliance, working hard to protect and conserve wild places.

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