MightyFix Clean Living Box

Helps you tackle one healthy change each month with green goods that are high quality, useful, and fun

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MightNest will send you one of their favorite sustainable products so you can make changes that are better for you and the planet. They gather the very best with over 2,000 carefully curated solutions so you can discover new ways to ditch disposables, replace plastic and eliminate toxins from your life.

They ship their products in minimal, post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging, and their products are never tested on animals. Everything has passed their team’s strict criteria, is lead-safe, and is free from toxic ingredients including BPA, PVC, phthalates, melamine, formaldehyde, flame retardants and parabens.

1 month subscription.

About the Brand - MightyNest
It all started in 2005 when Chris's wife, Kristen, was pregnant with their first child. The reality that their decisions impacted another human caused them to take a closer look at the products they used every day.

They were startled to find that many items contained potentially harmful chemicals linked to unnecessary health risks. They quickly became determined to learn the truth about cleaning supplies, food storage, body care…you name it…to provide the best for their growing family.

Turns out, doing the research and finding actual safe, sustainable products (not just those labeled as green) was hard, especially between diaper changes and midnight feedings. The resources they found were few and far between, lacked guidance, and often left them with more questions than answers. And they weren’t alone. They encountered many others who wanted to make better choices for their families and the planet but felt overwhelmed by the process and decisions. There wasn’t a good way. So, they created one — MightyNest.

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