Concrete Candles

Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free

Sable's concrete candles are the perfect way to instantly modernize your living space. Update your home by simply setting one on your coffee table, nightstand, or kitchen counter. These simple vessels can be cleaned out and reused as a minimal floral vase, bathroom organizer, or pen holder.

Hand-poured in grand rapids, Michigan with premium soy wax, all-natural fragrance oils, pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and wooden wicks to provide a clean eco-friendly burn. 10oz.

Fern & Rain: a scent made for lazy days full of enchanted dreams in magical meadows and mystical forests. fern + rain is one of our bestsellers inspired by the delightful dance between soft florals, fresh greenery, and crisp morning dew.

Sandalwood & Amber: this romantic scent is inspired by shimmering sunbeams dancing over the golden fields and sunlit dusk gently kissed by warm memories. enjoy this luxurious blend of warm amber, golden embers, and smooth sandalwood.

About the Brand - Sable Candles
Sable candle co. was founded in 2016 as a small side business for local shop owner Courtney Jones. The business grew quickly as Courtney honed her craft of scent mixing and candle design. Courtney wanted to create a minimal brand of home fragrances that were ethically made with high-quality ingredients. With this focus leading her vision, sable candle co was manifested.
With the keystone of the business built on using premium ingredients and ethically sourced materials, Courtney partnered with as many USA-based companies as possible- most of them local to our own great state of Michigan. *Women-Owned.

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