The Loft Planter with Saucer

Handmade planter for your green friends

The Loft Planter with Saucer Image 1
16 oz

It's time to add a little oxygen-generating greenery to our homes after being stuck inside for so long. The Loft Planter is handmade on the potters wheel using a tan clay and the unglazed saucer is hand built for a little bit of the organic feel. There is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage. Measures approximately 4.5-5" wide and 3.5-4" tall. Perfect sized planter for some windowsill herbs or hardy succulents.

About the Brand - Gravesco Pottery
Gravesco is about handmade pottery and slow living in a hectic world. It’s about a series of intentional choices that begin with a block of wet earth and end up in your hand morning after morning as part of your ritual for starting the day. Pottery is about more than the design and craftsmanship. It is about the connection from our hands to yours. They intend to bring functional work to the table that breaks from traditional design and elevates any room of one’s home. They thrive on collaboration that matches with the evolving world of space-making. This, combined with the effort to bring awareness to behavior and improvement in their environment makes Gravesco not only a brand of pottery, but a lifestyle. *Women-owned.

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