Self-Watering Terracotta Pot

Helps your plants to take care of themselves

Self-Watering Terracotta Pot Image 1
5" x 6"

Wet Pot simplifies the radical management of your potted plants. With its simple and ingenious function, the system creates a natural and beneficial plant environment. A balanced and well-balanced moisture supply ensures that the plants are comfortable. The system is based on simple natural laws. Water supply is regulated by different co-operating factors. The technique is called Cappillary Attraction. Each set consists of a terracotta planter inside a reservoir of hand-blown glass. Safe for indoor and outdoor use while the temperature stays above frost point. Medium: 5.2h x 6"diam

The idea for these Swedish problem-solving pots began 15 years ago when Lasse Svedenstedt met Nils Plöjel, who had worked most of his life with ceramics. Wet Pots lies on the foundation that it is sustainable and serves a practical function and never compromises with design. Wet Pot is made on 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals.

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