Mercury Retrograde Candle & Crystal

Limited edition centering candle and Amethyst crystal

Mercury Retrograde Candle & Crystal Image 1

Rituals & Sage Mercury Retrograde set brings together the two things everyone needs during a retrograde: calm and hope. The Eucalyptus essential oil used in the hand-poured soy candle relieves mental exhaustion by boosting energetic circulation and rejuvenating the spirit. The Amethyst Crystal, held safely in an eco-friendly pouch, is charged under the moonlight for 30 nights to maximize it's healing benefits. Amethyst is known to heal the nervous system, cure insomnia, and balance the crown chakra.

The 6-ounce candle is made of soy wax, essential oils, and set in a reusable glass container. The amethyst crystal is tumbled, measuring approximately 1-1.5inches, carried in an eco-friendly canvas bag. The items support refugee women.

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