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How Roofing by Curry provides an exceptional customer experience by gifting with Loop & Tie

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About Roofing by Curry

Since 1986, Roofing by Curry has served Sarasota, Florida and surrounding areas repairing leaks, replacing roofs, adding solar panels, and installing gutters for the members of their community. The family business has grown to over 200 employees and experienced tradesmen, making them the largest residential roofing contractor in Sarasota. The father-son operated business is heavily involved in their community founding initiatives like Curry Cares, a program that gives families fallen on hard times the new roof they need.

In a service-based business, experience is everything

The team at Roofing by Curry understands the importance of creating a great experience for their customers, employees, and community. It’s their dedication to delivering an exceptional experience that has earned them their reputation.

Needing a new roof or even a simple repair can be a stressful situation. With 38 years of experience, the Roofing by Curry team has seen firsthand how important finding a reliable, knowledgeable, and empathetic service provider can be. Jesse Curry, VP of Roofing by Curry, and team to demonstrate their extensive expertise and experience while also providing peace of mind to their customers. Because of their devoted customer base and customer-centric practices, the area knows them by their memorable slogan, “Why Worry—Call Curry.”

As part of their company's core values, the team is focused and empowered to provide an exceptional customer experience, from first quote to final invoice. 

Leading with generosity is just good business

After reading the book Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention, Jesse Curry knew he wanted to set up a customer gifting program at the company.

The book talks about the Law of Reciprocity and how companies can expand their business by building meaningful relationships with customers through strategic gifting. After the team completes a project, they follow up with a special gift to the homeowners and other roof replacement customers. 

"The best part about giving customer gifts is that it’s unexpected. It’s our way of going above and beyond to create a long-term connection,” says Curry.

Referrals and word of mouth is a big driver for service-based organizations. The Roofing by Curry team pays close attention to the details in their end-to-end service calls to stand out for their quality of work. That quality of work and the thoughtfulness of the experience is what their customers remember and share with their friends & family when they’re in the market for roofing services. 

A new take on an outdated and costly process

Before Loop & Tie, Jesse’s admin team sent their customer gifts manually. Their process was lengthy and required them to source items, ship them to their office, monitor inventory, pack each gift, and send each gift individually to their customers. While they loved this personalized touch in their customer relationships, the time it took their admin team to curate this experience took away from other vital needs for their office. 

“We looked into outsourcing our entire gifting process and it was mind-blowingly expensive. There’s just no way sending cookies costs that much money!”

Once Jesse learned about Loop & Tie, everything about their approach transformed overnight.

What used to take days, now takes minutes. The Roofing by Curry Team now sends a highly curated, high end gift collection and customizes the price of their gift relative to the services they delivered. Customers never see the cost of any of the gifts in our collections and only receive a personal note and a thoughtful gift from Roofing by Curry.

“I love how seamless Loop & Tie is, it’s straightforward and easy to use. Everything we needed was included in the price and there was nothing extra.”

Our team helps save valuable time by hand curating each collection to ensure each gift is something they’re proud to send to their customers. This scalable, more relational approach continues to elevate their already top tier customer experience. And, bonus value: their team was able to get up to speed on using Loop & Tie’s platform in just minutes.

One-stop-shop for an exceptional gift experience

After getting great feedback from their gift experiences, the Roofing by Curry team decided to start using Loop & Tie for more than just customer gifts. Jesse and team began sending gifts to employees for important personal and professional milestones, like work anniversaries and birthdays, as well as for high performance on special projects. They recognize that giving their employees an exceptional experience is the best way to ensure their customers also receive exceptional experiences. 

“Our vision is to be recognized by the local roofing community as the best workplace. We strive to maintain a culture that encourages, appreciates and recognizes outstanding performance and where every team member treats their fellow team members with kindness, dignity, and respect.”
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