The Connected Brand Episode 4: You Scream, I Scream
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The Connected Brand Episode 4: You Scream, I Scream

From embracing vulnerability and authenticity to finding the emotional heartstrings that connect people to your brand, this episode of Connected Brand featuring Erin Levzow will certainly inspire your imagination.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

“It really has nothing to do with the actual product you sell. The product is what gets you there. It's about “what does this do to the human heart?” -Erin Levzow

Get ready to rediscover your playful side and learn the secrets to building a truly connected brand! 

In this fun-filled episode of Connected Brand, host MK Getler and Museum of Ice Cream's CMO Erin Levzow chat about the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and joy in creating unforgettable experiences.

From fast food to casinos and now her cool role at Museum of Ice Cream, Erin's marketing journey is packed with valuable insights on how to connect with your audience on a deeper psychological level. She shares her own story of embracing her whole self, fostering a culture of psychological safety, and finding the emotional heartstrings that make people fall in love with a brand.

Get ready to be inspired by Erin's approach for infusing more play and human connection into your own brand and hey, why not treat yourself to a scoop of happiness at Museum of Ice Cream if you’re in the area? 

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Show Notes

  • Exploring what a Museum of Ice Cream actually is [02:01]
  • The importance of giving adults permission to embrace their playful side and rediscover the joy of human connection. [04:17]
  • How Erin's leadership style, rooted in vulnerability and authenticity, helps create a culture where people feel safe to be their whole selves. [06:10]
  • The parallels between ballroom dancing and leadership, from learning to follow and trust your partner to embracing the vulnerability of putting yourself out there. [11:12]
  • The intentionality behind every aspect of the Museum of Ice Cream experience, from the design of the spaces to the use of ice cream-themed names for staff members. [09:51]
  • The challenge of scaling a startup while maintaining the "red thread" of its original purpose and values. [17:28]
  • The power of embracing your whole self and blending work and life, rather than striving for an artificial "work-life balance." [22:21]
  • How psychological safety, vulnerability, and a sense of future contribute to a connected brand and a thriving company culture. [24:37]
  • The importance of reinforcing a positive future, especially in times of economic uncertainty. [26:19]
  • Erin's excitement for upcoming campaigns and partnerships, from a "connectedness" theme to collaborations with Cardi B's Whip Shots and local ice cream artisans. [26:53]
  • The gravitational pull of being good to people and spreading joy, and how it attracts exciting opportunities and partnerships. [31:03]
  • The art of finding the emotional heartstrings that connect people to your brand, no matter how "boring" the product may seem. [33:11]

About The Connected Brand

Each episode of Connected Brand will pivot on a single thesis: authentic human connection plays a huge role in fostering sustainable growth and success for every single brand today.

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