Loop & Tie evolves gifting experience with Brand Collections
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Loop & Tie evolves gifting experience with Brand Collections

As we continue to look for ways to help connect small businesses with corporate gifting budgets, we’re excited to introduce branded gift collections.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

When we set out to build Loop & Tie, we had a choice.

We could follow suit with the rest of our industry and source our gifts from manufacturers whose products are mass-produced and whose processes are harmful to the environment. This is certainly the easiest option to build and scale a gifting company. 

Or, we reimagine gift-sourcing practices altogether and find an approach that supports not just our growth, but the growth of anyone in our ecosystem. 

Our company has always had a mission to make corporate gifting more sustainable. To us, using mass-produced products isn’t the most impactful way to promote our values in sustainability — and it’s not the most impactful way for our customers to make a lasting impact on their gift recipients. 

The choice was easy. 

Why we support small businesses and brands

We are in a unique position to disrupt the traditions of corporate gifting and use our platform to connect independent creators, makers, and artisans with the capital from corporate gifting budgets. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Prior to 2020, 44% of our economic activity was from small businesses. In the wake of wide-span economic disruption due to the pandemic and as the uncertainty of our current economic conditions continues to loom, there’s an opportunity for us to partner with our favorite emerging brands, and together, curate gift collections with dynamic, interesting, and beautiful products. 

This regenerative model of connecting corporate gifting budgets with small businesses also connects consumers with new and interesting brands and ultimately creates an unforgettable gift experience. 

Today, we’re excited to share the next evolution of our gifting experience. In our quest to highlight businesses of all sizes whose wares are supporting local economies, making a social impact, and whose products are just really freaking cool, we’ve reimagined how to help small businesses expand their brand reach, allowing them to fuel their growth and mission. We call this new quest: Brand Collections. 

What is a Brand Collection?

A Brand Collection is a thoughtfully curated assortment of products from a single company or brand. Like our traditional marketplace collections, these collections are assembled at predefined price points (shipping and handling included) and filled with interesting and trendy wares. Unlike our other gift collections, these collections highlight products from only one company or are curated with a brand’s most popular products.

Trying to find the perfect gift for an outdoor adventurer but aren’t sure what they’ll use? Check out our Barebones Living Collection.


Have a plant-obsessed coworker always on the hunt for more plants to accentuate their home/work office? Look no further than our Surfside Succulents Collection.


Looking to snag your favorite influencer’s favorite things? Take a peek at stylist Natalie Decleve’s new Natty Style collection. 


How does it work?

Our new Brand Collections work exactly like our classic marketplace collections.  In just three simple steps, your gratitude and appreciation can be on its way. And as the platform of choice, these collections continue to offer your gift recipients the option to choose a gift they want. 

Here’s how to send a Brand Collection from Loop & Tie:

  1. Choose the gift collection you want to send. Consider your budget and recipients’ interests.
  2. Design your gift experience. Customize a personal message, including the image, to send in the email with your gift invitation.
  3. Send or schedule your gift. Input your recipients’ names and email addresses and determine when you want them to receive your invitation to select a gift of their choice.

These collections also help us in our quest to make gifting a more sustainable practice for our environment. For each gift shipped from Loop & Tie, we plant 1 tree, allowing us to achieve our goal of sequestering 2x the amount of carbon dioxide generated in the gift-giving process. 

In addition to the impact we’re helping make, many of our brand partners are also working to make a positive change. Explore our new Brand Collections today and start sending great gifts that give back

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