Q&A with Loop & Tie’s Steph Owen
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Q&A with Loop & Tie’s Steph Owen

Read this blog to get to know Steph Owen, one of Loop & Tie’s Product Managers.
Erin Fry

Erin Fry,

Steph Owen plays multiple roles at Loop & Tie. She's one of the best outdoor guides, a member of the cat mom club, and a teammate you can rely upon to relay your feedback. To help you get to know Steph Owen, our Product Manager, we sat down with her for a fun Q&A. Read this interview to learn more about her role at Loop & Tie, her hobbies, and a book she'd recommend everyone read regardless of their role and industry. 

What does a Product Manager do?

I get to help create the platform our users enjoy and ensure it answers all of their most essential needs. Every week, I collect feedback from customers and internal stakeholders, collaborate with colleagues across teams, and manage project timelines and milestones to ensure we get product updates and enhancements out in a timely manner.

How did you find your way to Loop & Tie?

I discovered Loop & Tie after a recruiter reached out to me. I usually ignore invites like that, but I checked out Loop & Tie's website and was impressed by how value-oriented the company is. The rest is history!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Loop & Tie?

I have two favorite things about Loop & Tie. The first is the people. I genuinely enjoy working with my teammates. The second is the platform. It's fun to work on a product that's so top-notch! I recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet. 

If Loop & Tie had a theme song, what would it be?

It would be Rock Lobster by The B-52's as a nod to our connection with lobsters.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love the outdoors and enjoy skiing, trail running, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, rafting, and backpacking. I also enjoy art and design and being creative! 

If I were forced to start a new career tomorrow, I’d focus on my hobbies and pivot to outdoor gear and apparel design, focusing on women. Women are vastly underserved in that industry!

If you could recommend one (yes, just one) podcast, book, TV show, or movie, what would you tell people to check out now?

I'd recommend "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard. It's one of the most impactful business books I've read, and its philosophies really resonate with me. Yvon is an avid outdoorsman with a deep appreciation for the earth. Although he didn’t intend to create a multi-billion dollar company, he’s been able to do so through sustainable and ethical practices that go against the grain of most other businesses. Additionally, his views on work-life balance are inspiring while still being practical. There are great takeaways for anyone, regardless of role or industry.

Are you ready to join Steph at our value-oriented company? View our open positions now.

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