How Your Gifting Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness
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How Your Gifting Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness This Month

How your gifting can support Breast Cancer Awareness this month through two new charities added to the Loop & Tie curated collection.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

As Breast Cancer Awareness month begins, I feel empowered to work for such a mission-backed company that opens up the conversation on impactful gifting and support. Each month we strive to highlight a diverse group of makers and charitable groups within our curated gift collections. I knew that when my first October rolled around with Loop & Tie, my voice would be welcomed as to how to support this mission given my personal connection to the disease.

As a young breast cancer survivor, I’ve seen how impactful gifting can provide moments of happiness in turbulent times. I was diagnosed in 2016 with an aggressive form of breast cancer right before the start of the holiday season.

While others were busy making festive plans, I was busy scheduling chemo, surgeries and endless doctor appointments. I rang in 2017 on the bathroom floor. It was not how I imagined ending my twenties.

Day by day I moved forward to each chemotherapy session, each appointment, each side effect, each update, with one foot in front of the other. I could not have gotten by without the support of my family, friends and community.

The amount of gifts I received was overwhelming, each one putting a smile on my face during the hardest times. The simple moments of surprise and delight removed me from my cave of fear ever so briefly. And those brief moments helped save me. 

This month, I’m honored to have played a key role in selecting two very dear charities that Loop & Tie will be supporting for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

How You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Through Loop & Tie

The Breasties

The Breasties

The Breasties is an all-inclusive nonprofit organization that creates community for survivors, previvors, thrivers, and carevivors, impacted by breast and gynecological cancers. Through The Breasties, I found community, lifelong friendships and soul-filling moments. They provide educational help on gene mutations associated with breast cancer as well as the social aspects that are rarely talked about. They go beyond the disease itself and bring the conversation back to the human experiencing it. 



Metavivor is a charity dedicated to the specific fight of women and men living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, it remains the sole US organization dedicated to awarding annual stage 4 breast cancer research. Often October is awash with pink ribbons and products that do not specify how they support the mission.

Metavivor is clear - it works towards understanding the terminal stage of breast cancer. A stage which many people are still unaware of as the market pink washes the realities of the disease. 

Give in more ways than one

Both charities can be found in our curated collections this month, and I am so absolutely proud to be a part of Loop & Tie’s October mission.  

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