How our employees connect to our core values
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How our employees connect to our core values

Our team members share how they’ve connected with our company’s core values, keeping them engaged and motivated.
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Loop and Tie,

Having shared values is vital to a workplace. During The Great Resignation, employees evaluated their career choices and left jobs in record numbers as they reprioritized their values. When a company’s values align with its audiences, it can motivate employees, build a welcoming culture, and influence customer relationships. 

At Loop & Tie, we’ve led with our core values from day one. Founded as a way to showcase how commerce and appreciation could be a force for positively impacting our communities and planet, we’ve always considered the impact our decisions have on other businesses, the environment, and our employees. 

Recently, we announced that Loop & Tie had joined Pledge 1%, a movement helping us make a more significant influence in our three key pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social impact.

Just like day one, making a positive impact on others and the environment is prevalent in everything we say and do. Keep reading to see how our employees find connection with our values, keeping them motivated and engaged.

Zach Shuster, Director of Product

“I learned a long time ago that I’m happier and more productive when working on something that helps people. In many ways, my career has been all about finding and working on interesting problems in impactful spaces. The bonus to this approach has always been my colleagues: solving big problems is hard, so the people who work on them tend to be smart, and helping others is inherently selfless, so they also tend to be kind. That’s a pretty good description of what it’s like to work at Loop & Tie.”

Molly Falco, Director of Product Marketing

“I work really hard to make responsible choices in my personal life, whether that's avoiding plastic, resisting overconsumption, or trying to buy local instead of (yet another) Amazon order. Having my 9-5 align so strongly with the values that are important to me personally makes me incredibly proud to work at Loop & Tie! I've always believed the biggest changes in how the world operates will come from corporations behaving more ethically, and being part of the shift towards sustainability in how businesses gift is meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling.”

Lindsey Harvey, Director of Sales

“When Sara asked me to join her mission to create a company focused on sustainability and give-back programs to make gifting less wasteful and more impactful, I said, sign me up! I had no idea how fulfilling it would be to see this dream become a reality. Needless to say, it makes my job so easy to do and love. When I hear the updates on how many trees we've helped plant, pounds of plastic removed from the ocean, and clean-water wells we've helped build in Africa – those are my 'proud-mom' moments for team Loop & Tie and the mission we strive to honor every day.”

Kenzie Kindt, Staff Accountant

“The company's sustainability values align so well with my personal values. I am constantly striving to be more eco-friendly, reduce my carbon footprint, and be charitable where/when I feel called to do so. It's awesome to work in a company where I don't have to sacrifice my morals/personal beliefs but instead can align them with my company's.”

Kelly Salmon, Director of Supply Chain

“Many companies now plant a tree for every transaction in order to be carbon neutral, but I respect that Loop & Tie takes sustainability to the next level by being carbon regenerative. This means that Loop & Tie plants a tree for every gift shipped. This practice supports farmers, their families, and communities through regenerative farming practices, which has a bigger overall impact on the environment.”

Erin Fry, Manager, Digital & Content Strategy

“In my time at Loop & Tie, it’s been eye-opening to gain a better understanding of the ripple effect business decisions have on the environment, other businesses, and our communities. When companies tout their sustainability initiatives, I often think about the environment. Loop & Tie has taught me it’s so much more than that. While protecting and giving back to our environment is essential, supporting economic and social sustainability is also necessary. 

In my own life, I love supporting local businesses and doing small things to live a more sustainable life. Working for a company that helps elevate small businesses, including those owned by historically marginalized communities, and prioritizes positive environmental contributions has helped me feel more connected to my job. It has influenced the decisions I make and the behaviors I practice. Plus, I feel like I’m helping make a difference, making the tough days worth it.”

As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, we promise to help heal our planet, support economic sustainability, and give back to those organizations helping influence change locally and globally. Learn more about the impact we’ve made so far.

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