Create sustainable swag with Boxed Sourcing + Loop & Tie
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Create sustainable swag with Boxed Sourcing + Loop & Tie

Learn more about our partnership with Boxed Sourcing and how they help us source and design sustainable swag and promotional products.
Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker, Director of Growth

It’s no secret that our team at Loop & Tie feels a certain way about corporate swag… 

We have our reasons! Branded merch typically adds to the 40% of corporate gifts that end up in landfills. We’re very much against waste around here. 

Taking it a step further, company gifts, including swag, are a direct reflection of a company’s values and commitment to the environment.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best partners to make sure your corporate gifts help the environment, people, and economy.

Have no fear, sustainable swag is here

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Boxed Sourcing to provide a more sustainable approach to swag and branded merch. 

When you source sustainable swag with Boxed Sourcing + Loop & Tie, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Reach out to your Loop & Tie rep: chat with our team about your swag needs (and dreams!) and request our online catalog for inspo
  2. Meet Boxed Sourcing and brainstorm ideas: collaborate with the team to source the best sustainable options for your specific asks
  3. Review custom lookbook & finalize order: shop your catalog of options with minimum quantities, pricing, and mockups
  4. Boxed Sourcing ships to Loop & Tie warehouse: send items directly to our fulfillment center where we manage inventory and kitting
  5. Loop & Tie builds your merch collection: create collections featuring your new merch, with the option to add Loop & Tie marketplace items

Your new swag can be redeemed digitally, just like other Loop & Tie gifts! With a Premium or Enterprise subscription, our team will handle the all of the fulfillment logistics for you.

"This partnership with the Boxed Sourcing team takes our already strong offering to a whole new level. Our customers approach gifting differently - this product offering helps them approach traditional swag and merch programs with a fresh new perspective. And bonus for our women-owned business: they're also a women-owned business!"
- Melissa McElfresh, CRO @ Loop & Tie

Sustainable swag examples 

Here are a few past projects we've done in partnership with the Boxed Sourcing team!

Salesforce sends "Everyone's an Einstein" eco-friendly swag with a ton of options for their recipients to pick from. The team uses this Loop & Tie Collection in a few different ways like sending to new partners, event follow-up, and more.

The James Beard Foundation created these promotional product kits to send to their talented members and donors of the foundation.

Changing the promo product footprint

Let’s take a look at the Boxed Sourcing Team’s approach to eco-friendly and diverse swag.

  • Women-owned & diverse suppliers: We’re happy to invest in our fellow diverse suppliers.
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable: We focus on better materials that are better for the planet - recycled plastic, organic cotton, FSC-certified bamboo, and more.
  • Brands that give back: We source from retail brands making a difference with their own charitable donations, non-profit partnerships, volunteer efforts, and more. 
  • Purpose partners: We work with certified B Corps that are all in on environmental and social responsibility. 

As we continue on this journey with Boxed Sourcing to build more sustainable practices in corporate gifting, we invite you to join us in making small changes that have a big impact.

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