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mothers2mothers (m2m) is an African nonprofit that unlocks the power of women to improve the health and wellbeing of women, children, and adolescents. Through its peer-based model, m2m trains and employs local women living with HIV as frontline healthcare workers across nine African nations. These “Mentor Mothers” work in health facilities and door-to-door in communities to deliver services and education to other women and their families. Since being founded in Cape Town in 2001, m2m has created over 11,000 jobs for women living with HIV and reached more than 11 million women and children under two years old. m2m has achieved virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV for enrolled clients for the last five years in a row, and in 2017, 97% of children in m2m’s early childhood development program achieved all of their developmental milestones at their first birthday.

As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the African continent, more than one million women, children, and families we work with in nine sub-Saharan African countries need us more than ever. Many are vulnerable and marginalized, and at a disproportionate risk of contracting COVID-19. mothers2mothers (m2m) Mentor Mothers are working tirelessly to turn the tide of COVID-19 across Africa. Our decades of experience of fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and close ties to the communities we serve, make us uniquely placed to ensure access to life-saving health education and services at this critical time.

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