Maddaloni Oil Set

Hand picked olive oil from Le Zie’s farmland in Italy

Maddaloni Oil Set Image 1

Le Zie delivers a world-class olive oil, truly handpicked (no rakes, no machines) from their orchard in Maddaloni, Campania region, in the southern part of Italy. They carefully handpick, cold press, and bottle the oil within a few hours. The result is an exquisite rich farmers oil showcasing an intense and vibrant color with a fresh grassy nose and peppery finish. These olive oils are excellent for dipping with bread, used when sauteing your fish or meat, or simply drizzled over your salad or pasta. Set includes 4 bottles: 8.45oz. bottle of lemon, rosemary, and chili pepper flavored oils, plus one 16.9oz. bottle of natural extra virgin olive oil.

The inspiration and story behind Le Zie (The Aunts) founded in 2009, came from Mr. Paolo Roberto and his Aunts with roots from the town of Maddaloni in Southern Italy. The true passion for food and his strong family bond has always been a cornerstone in Paolo’s life. His mission is to share their story and passion for food through their products and provide inspiration to you in the kitchen. Buon Appetito!

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