Pinocchio Board - Medium

Handmade, zero waste, & sustainably sourced

Pinocchio Board - Medium Image 1

Handmade in Sonoma, California from sustainably sourced white oak and finished with natural, food-safe oils. The boards are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip and are perfect for all serving and cutting purposes. All boards are made from one solid piece of wood and are virtually unbreakable. Dimensions: 8”x18”.

Handmade from FSC certified white oak using a zero waste production process.

About the Brand - Pinocchio Boards
Pinocchio Boards is a family-owned woodshop founded to create simple, beautiful cutting and serving boards that are sustainably created, environmentally conscious, and made to last a lifetime.
Inspired by vintage European breadboards, we carefully make each board by hand in Sonoma, California from a single piece of white oak. No glues, veneers, or chemicals used.
We use FSC-certified sustainable wood, have a zero-waste production process, and are proud partners of 1% For the Planet.

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