Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt

Sprinkle on for deep, richly nuanced flavor

Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt Image 1
2" x 2" x 2" 4 oz

The impossibly rich, seductive flavor of black truffles defines the Black Truffle Sea Salt. Made from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt and a generous heaping of Italian black truffles, this salt elevates simple dishes into gastronomically stunning masterworks. Add distinctive, profoundly decadent flavor to foods ranging from roasted zucchini, grilled meats, eggs, popcorn, and even French fries. Enjoy 2.8oz. of all-natural salt with the magnetized backing that sticks to your fridge or other metal surfaces.

Gustus Vitae, the "Taste of Life" in Latin, are crafters in Venice, CA of artisan finishing salts and authentic gourmet spice blends. They source both local and international sustainably sourced ingredients, and only accept the highest quality before hand-packing them into a reusable and recyclable tin.

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