J.M. Thomason Cardamom Seasoning Blends Trio

Supports local farmers in Guatemala

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Add an exotic flair to your kitchen and support Guatemalan farmers at the same time with a trio of unique and unexpected spice blends. The J.M. Thomason companies work closely with Heifer project participants to cultivate the cardamom, coffee and chilies that flavor their Garam Masala, Gaucho Espresso and Parisian Pastry blends. A portion of your purchase goes to support Heifer's mission of helping hardworking farmers like our Cardamom farmers in Guatemala achieve a livable wage with dignity and hope.

A savory staple in Indian cuisine, our Garam Masala will elevate the taste of pan-fried meat or any curry sauce. 6 oz. tin. The adventurous Gaucho Espresso, a blend of espresso and chillis sourced from Mayan farmers lends a smoky flavor to grilled meats. 5 oz. tin. Parisian Pastry seasoning combines brown sugar, cinnamon and spices for a subtly sweet flavor. Try it as your secret ingredient for the world's most delicious French toast. 7 oz tin.

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