Meditation Pillow

Comfort and support in one little portable circle

Meditation Pillow Image 1
18" x 18" x 7"

Great for yoga, meditation, or just chilling out. This cushion gives the proper support needed to help strengthen your core while protecting your tailbone and working on posture. It can also be used for just sitting on the floor to watch TV, as neck support on the couch or even as a footrest. With near-frictionless beads inside the soft, stretchy spandex, this bead pillow conforms to your body. Plus, the cover is easy to unzip and machine wash. Once you’ve sunk in, there’s no going back.

Yogibo LLC was launched in Nashua, New Hampshire back in 2009, taking a small, creative team and reinvented bean bags on the road. Their vision has been to combine the best aspects of comfort and design a product that revolves around, well... you.

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