Janie’s Pound Cake

Old fashioned pound cake in the shape of a bundt

8" x 8" x 3"

The Jane cake is a vanilla pound cake made with fresh Grade-A eggs from free-range chickens, real creamery butter, and pure cane sugar. Each bite melts in your mouth as you reach for the next. The Jane cake is 8" round x 3.5" high and serves 12-15.

Plain Jane - vanilla pound cake, no extra toppings.
Italian Jane - filled with rich Italian buttercream icing, topped with toasted pecans.
Saucy Jane - filled with decadent chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate shavings.
Dolce Vita - marbled vanilla & chocolate filled with chocolate sauce & topped with chocolate shavings.
Carrot Jane - carrot and cinnamon pound cake filled with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream, topped with toasted pecans

Janie learned her craft from her great-grandmother, “Papu.” With Papu, it was all about a pinch of this and a dash of that–very little measuring, a whole lot of instinct. Janie deepened her culinary skills at the Culinary Institute of America, but she felt the pull of home and eventually opened her little bakery on a side street in Tyler, Texas. Wasn’t long before Tyler folks were telling other folks about this all-natural pound cake that had a taste somewhere just south of heaven. Every ingredient is the real deal: farm-fresh eggs, creamery butter, pure cane sugar and absolutely no preservatives.

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