Brown Butter Trio

Grassfed, non-GMO butter, toasted, caramelized and seasoned

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Black & Bolyard Brown Butter is an all-purpose alternative to ghee butter, whole butter, and clarified butter that adds an incredible depth of flavor to your cooking. In fact, when it comes to matching sheer flavors, it easily outdoes regular butter. It’s packed full of vitamin K2 & Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for the health of the heart and overall cardiovascular system. Use it just the way you want it – it’ll taste amazing every single time. Includes three 8oz. jars, one of each flavor.

Original: Toasted & Complex – Melt it on pancakes, brush it on grilled meats, and bake it into cookie dough.
Fresh Bay Leaf: Herbaceous & Aromatic – Schmear it on grilled bread, melt it on vegetables, and sauce it on pasta.
Red Chili: Warm & Piquant – Sautee it with eggs, melt it on popcorn, and sauce it on seafood.

Black & Bolyard, based in Brooklyn, NY, is inspired by the nostalgic act of butter slowly toasting on the stoves of professional kitchens. They cook and infuse grass-fed, non-GMO butter sourced from American farms and transform average butter into a more complex and rich browned butter - a deeply toasted version of its original form. They take pride in utilizing outstanding ingredients to craft our delicious, versatile, and unique products.

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