PlugBug Duo

Charge two USB devices, and your MacBook, simultaneously

PlugBug Duo Image 1
2" x 2" x 1" 8 oz

Charge your MacBook + iPad and iPhone simultaneously from one outlet. PlugBug Duo is a dual, 12-watt USB charger that snaps onto the back of any MacBook Power Adapter, including USB-C and iPad Power Adapters. This must-have accessory is a way to reclaim the missing USB ports on the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models. PlugBug Duo includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and any other USB charging device.
Compatible with Apple USB-C Power Adapters, Apple MagSafe Power Adapters, and Apple 12W USB Power Adapter, plus iPad Pro Adapters.
Plugs Included: US/Canada/Japan: Type A, United Kingdom: Type G, Europe: Type C, Australia: Type I, China: Type A (without prong holes)

Twelve South was founded in 2009 by former fashion and consumer electronics executives. They are a small company, based in Charleston, South Carolina, that develops surprising new ways to protect and personalize your Apple hardware.

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