Al-Durrar Yemen Coffee

Yemen is the World's oldest land to cultivate coffee

Al-Durrar Yemen Coffee Image 1
4" x 4" x 3" 4 oz

Welcome to the world's oldest land to cultivate coffee, Yemen. The coffee here is grown at a staggering 2150-2500 meters above sea level, making it some of the highest grown coffee in the world. The beautiful people of Yemen are known for their generosity and hospitality and have produced a labor of love that is unforgettable to the last sip. Includes one 4oz bag of coffee from the Al-Durrar region of Yemen with notes of Tropical fruit, mango, and tangerine.

At Port of Mokha, they believe that the very best coffee does more than provide an incredible experience of drinking it. It creates ripples of positive impact that can improve lives, lift economies, and revitalize cultures. As a kid growing up in San Francisco, Mokhtar Alkhanshali never liked coffee that much. As a child, Mokhtar traveled with his parents back to the mountain town of Ibb, Yemen, where his family is from. He used to walk through the terraced farms with his grandmother and pick bright red coffee cherries - the fruit that holds the coffee beans - right off the trees. He resolved to help Yemen share its lost treasures with the world. Farmers here meticulously handpick only ripe red cherries and their mastery of coffee cultivation shown in the array of intense fruit notes you will find in every cup.

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