Italian Dinner Set

Hand picked olive oil, handmade pasta from Southern Italy, and herb mix

Italian Dinner Set Image 1

This set has all you need to cook an authentic Italian dinner. Le Zie's artisan-made, USDA certified Organic, Linguine pasta is from Gragnano, reputed to be the birthplace of pasta. Made from Durum Wheat and water, this bronze cut pasta is made with passion and then air-dried at low temperature for at least 24 hours, giving the pasta a particular roughness, which better absorbs the sauce. Their natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from truly hand-picked olives growing at Le Zie's orchard in Maddaloni. And finally, an herb mix to make an authentic sauce to cover your beautiful pasta.
Includes 1.1lb pasta, 16.9oz. bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and 1.41oz of herb mix (suited to serve 7-8 people.)

The inspiration and story behind Le Zie (The Aunts) founded in 2009, came from Mr. Paolo Roberto and his Aunts with roots from the town of Maddaloni in Southern Italy. The true passion for food and his strong family bond has always been a cornerstone in Paolo’s life. His mission is to share their story and passion for food through their products and provide inspiration to you in the kitchen. Buon Appetito!

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