Kefir Kit

Kefir is a remarkably healthful & versatile dairy ferment

Kefir Kit Image 1
8" x 4" x 4" 28 oz

It takes just moments to make, can be used in place of milk, yogurt or buttermilk in any recipe, and boasts as many as 5,000x the probiotic microorganisms found in yogurt. You can even use these kefir grains to culture cream and non-dairy milks. Kit includes: kefir grains, mason jar, cloth cover, nylon strainer, instructions, and recipes.

Revival Homestead Supply is a place where you can find supplies, information, guidance and instruction for a variety of pursuits towards self-sufficiency. They teach classes about and stock supplies for fermentation, food preservation, backyard agriculture, and homemade products for the body & home. They are here to support the rising tides of a post-consumerist culture. Revival Homestead connects and collaborates with farmers, producers, artisans and educators who share their values. They want to inspire you to make instead of buy, and give you with the tools you need to do so.

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